Runcorn Tavern's R-Bar and Kitchen is bringing the inner city experience to the suburbs!

Located on the Southside of Brisbane, we are a contemporary bar and restaurant with a blend of sophistication and style. Headlining some of the markets finest craft and boutique beers, we offer a wide selection of dining options with a relaxed but lively atmosphere. 

This venue offers a unique experience suitable for families, date nights, casual drinks with friends and so much more. From happy hour after work to enjoyable casual dining, we aim to provide our customers with the best experience by being your 1 stop destination.

R-Bar and Kitchen is designed to accommodate all needs with a perfect setting for Lunch and Dinner and also catering for functions and special occasions. With a strong focus on customer service and food quality, the R-Bar and Kitchen’s goal is to provide that WOW factor, which will separate us from other venues. 


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 Unlimited FOX Sports on the Screens!    Home of the UFC!






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